Freshment Sharing

I am hereby to share with you guys on
how cute my nephews are ! 
You guys got jealous ? 
No you don't ! Ask your mum or whoeva to give birth ! ROFL
You WISH ! 

This is Bazil Amin he's practically playing hide n seek ? 

This is Aqil Hadif enjoying himself ^_^ 

and him again with the sweetest smile on earth ! GOD ! 

LOOK ! How cute they are ! i couldn't resist it ! 

Bazil entertaining himself by watching Upin Upin via Ipad 
Don't get near him or else ! 

Pretending to be one of those monkey ?!! Never mind its still looks CUTE


You guys might have said that i am being overwhelmed or whatever
all i know is I LOVE THESE GUYS SO HELL MUCH !!! 
Last but not least 
hee just kiddin!  

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