Management Skills

1. Time Management and Planning Skills

“It is vain to do with more what can be done with less” – William of Occam, the originator of Occam’s razor

Pareto’s law states that 80 percent of our output is generated by 20 percent of our efforts. Imagine if you could work less and gain more ground weekly than you have been able to make up in the past few years. Time management is the key to this personal management skill. All of the awesome and productive workers that I have met successfully manage their time. You could probably work less and be much more at peace with yourself with some quality time-management training.

Having time management skills is simply having the ability to recognize and solve time management problems. It is as the old adage says, to never put off for later what can be done right now. You can develop this personal management skill by keeping a calendar and beginning to schedule everything. You heard right, everything. This includes scheduling your free time and the time it takes to get from one meeting to another.

Think about what happens when your scheduled meeting ends at 3:00pm and your next appointment is scheduled for 3:00pm. You are either going to leave the first meeting early or you will be late to your next appointment. You failed to schedule travel time between the meetings. When you take the time to plan your day’s activities and practice the discipline of following your daily plans you will develop the ability to start and finish projects when you are supposed to. You will also become much more adept at estimating how long a project or a task will take to accomplish. In addition, whatever you do, do not procrastinate. Procrastination is the number one offender against your ability to manage time.

2. Financial Management Skills

“It is not how much you make that counts but how much money you keep” – Robert Kiyosaki, investor, businessman, and author of best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad
Money management is the wall upon which your personal management skills sit lopsidedly like humpty dumpty. On one side, through the disciplines of successful financial management comes successful personal management as well. There is no need for all the king’s horses to put anything back together. On the other side, humpty falls to the ground and the rest of his personal management skills shatter into the pieces of a broken shell. The reason being is the discipline required for successful financial management is powerful enough to bleed its way into just about every aspect of your life. When you can assert yourself over your financial situation, you can assert yourself to the realization of your goals. Personal management becomes an even greater aspect of your life.

A 27 year old woman once stated that she was going to become a millionaire. You might scoff at such a remark but after ten years, she had earned ten million dollars and had given 3 million dollars away to charities. The woman was determined to manage her financial status in a way that brought great wealth. She used personal management skills to achieve her goal.

You can perfect your financial management skills by trying a few of the following:

1. Create a budget and tailor your spending to meet its requirements.

2. Save every receipt from every purchase that you make in one month and find out how much money you’re really spending. You might be surprised to find out where your money is actually going.

3. Create income and expense reports that allow you to see the bigger picture of your financial situation.

4. Manage your personal finances as if you were managing a business’s finances.

When you are on the road to successfully managing your financial situation, you are growing exponentially towards becoming awesome.

3. Communication Skills

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives” – Anthony Robbins

Until you know your voice and can confidently share what is on your mind, personal management will not become a larger part of your affairs. Knowing your own voice gives you the ability to carry a healthy inner dialog, which then confidently guides you towards your goals. With great communication skills comes the power to influence and encourage others and yourself. You won’t be able to practice personal management until you’re able to listen to that inner dialog and understand where you are headed. A few tricks to improving your communication skills are:

1. Practice active listening. Try to look the person speaking in the eyes and think only about the words that they are speaking.

2. Speak slowly and ask questions to test whether the listening party understands what is being communicated.

3. When writing, always write a first draft and edit the draft into a final copy after asking whether the purpose of your communication is clear and understandable.

4. When you find yourself caught up in your own thoughts, try to relax and “Watch” the thinker thinking those thoughts. You are not your thoughts. You are greater than your thinking.

4. Organizational Skills

“Organizational effectiveness does not lie in that narrow minded concept called rationality. It lies in the blend of clearheaded logic and powerful intuition.” – Arialdi Minino

Personal management would be incomplete without the ability to stay organized. We cannot accomplish any goals without the resources required to get the job done.

Some people have desks and drawers cluttered with papers and junk. They feel they need these things “just in case”. However, they are probably wasting more time trying to find the things they need than getting the job done anyway. You can greatly increase your personal management skills by getting organized. The best part is you already have the skills required to be organized, you just need to start putting them to good use. Here are a few great organizational skills that will improve your personal management techniques:

1. Throw stuff in the garbage. Most people can get away with throwing 50% of the things they save away without any negative consequence.

2. Use a PIM (Personal Information manager) such as Outlook or a Day Runner planner / organizer.

3. File paperwork away in a manner that is consistent and understandable.

4. Reduce your information collecting points. Most people have multiple email inboxes, paper inboxes, voice mailboxes, snail mailboxes, etc. That is too many locations to manage incoming information. Try to whittle  it down to only a couple.

5. Continued Self-Development Skills

“Everything we would ever need to become rich and powerful and sophisticated is within our reach. The major reason that so few take advantage of all that we have is simply, neglect.” – Jim Rohn

This is the most important personal management skill of them all. Without the ability to continue moving forward with personal development you will be unable to recognize the areas that need to be corrected in order to increase your time, financial, communication, and organization skills. Without continued self-development, your personal management skills will falter and the awesome person that you are will fail to reach its full potential.

A few ways to increase your continued self-development skills are:

1. Schedule a weekly appointment with yourself in order to evaluate your progress and your setbacks

2. Spend time each morning focusing on what it is you’re going to accomplish for the day

3. Review your day at its closing and accept the areas that need work and praise yourself for the day’s victories

4. Remain open-minded and flexible. Remember, change is inevitable.

5. Create goals and long term objectives

5. No matter what, continue moving forward

By practicing these 5 personal management skills you will assert yourself towards productive personal management. You will find yourself much more confident and relaxed in your everyday dealings. Your finances will be more of a blessing that a pain. You will be understood and you will know exactly where you are heading. Through personal management your integrity will far outshine your faults and you truly will become…AWESOME 

Menjana Mesyuarat Berkualiti


Mesyuarat adalah perbincangan formal di antara tiga individu atau lebih untuk mencapai objektif bersama melalui proses komunikasi.
Mesyuarat berbeza mengikut keahlian, organisasi dan objektifnya.


Ada objektif dan agenda yang jelas.
Bermula dan berakhir mengikut ketetapan masa.
Kemudahan fizikal yang selesa.
Notis pangilan mesyuarat.
Ahli-ahlinya mempunyai kepakaran.
Perbincangan secara positif.
Peranan pengerusi berkesan
Peranan setiausaha berkesan
Minit mesyuaratnya tepat.
Ada tindakan susulan yang berkesan.
Jangan tiba lewat
Elakkan gangguan semasa Mesyuarat
Tidak meninggalkan bilik Mesyuarat
Elakkan duduk yang menunjukkan kurang minat
Mendengar secara aktif/penuh minat.
Cuba beri sumbangan secara berkesan.
Fokuskan kepada objektif Mesyuarat
Mencari perkara-perkara positif dan elakkan perkara negatif.
Cuba menjadi ahli yang aktif
Membentuk dan Menyusun Agenda
Perutusan Pengerusi
Pengesahan minit Mesyuarat yang lalu.
Perkara-perkara berbangkit.
Senaraikan perkara-perkara baru yang hendak dibincangkan.
Pembentangan kertas kerja jika ada.
Hal-hal lain
Penutupan Mesyuarat.


1 Ucapan Pengerusi (15 min )
2 Pengesahan Minit Mesyuarat Lalu (2 min)
3 Perkara Berbangkit (30 min)
4 Perkara baru yg dibincagkan (20 min)
5 Pembentangan kertas kerja (20 min)
6 Hal-hal Lain (23 min)
Jumlah Masa Untuk 6 Agenda ( 120 min )


P Tetapkan tujuan/obj mesyuarat
P Tetapkan tarikh/masa/tempat / ahli/agenda mesyuarat
Sediakan/hantar notis/ agenda mesyuarat /kertas kerja
Sediakan tempat /peralatan

Buka mesyuarat /mengawal perbincangan /rumusan
Catat kehadiran/ catat butir perbincangan/ beri justifikasi

SU Sediakan deraf minit mesyuarat
P Luluskan deraf minit mesyuarat
SU Edarkan minit mesyuarat
Simpan rekod/dokumen
Ambil tindakan
Adakan post mortem


Pengacara, penggerak, pemandu dan pengadil
Merancang dan mempengurusikan mesyuarat.
Menentukan bagaimana, bila bermula dan berakhirnya mesyuarat.
Menggalakkan perbincangan dan penyertaan
Menghormati pendapat dan pandangan ahli.
Menentukan sususnan agenda dipatuhi.
Menjaga disiplin mesyuarat
Mengawal perjalanan masa, berhenti pada masanya.


Kenapa mesyuarat diadakan?
Apakah isu/masalah yang hendak dibincangkan?
Apakah objektif mesyuarat?
Apakah keputusan yang hendak dicapai?
Siapa perlu hadir?
Pilih tarikh, tempat dan waktu yang sesuai.
Tentukan cara mesyuarat dijalankan dan bagaimana keputusan Mesyuarat dibuat.


Datang awal bagi menyesuaikan diri dengan suasana dan ahli-ahli Mesyuarat.
Mulakan Mesyuarat tepat pada masa yang ditetapkan.
Wujudkan suasana selesa, ucapan aluan dan memperkenalkan ahli-ahli jika perlu.
Maklumkan tujuan, objektif dan tempoh mesyaurat.
Luluskan minit Mesyuarat yang lalu.
Jelaskan perkaa pentadbiran atau pengurusan pada awal Mesyuarat.


Mulakan perbincangan dengan mengemukakan sesuatu isu.
Menjemput pandangan mengenai isu/masalah.
Menjemput penjelasan isu dari ahli-ahli Mesyuarat.
Beri peluang sama-rata kepada ahli-ahli yang ingin bercakap.
Galakkan penyertaan semua ahli.
Dapatkan penjelasan dari perkara-perkara yang tidak jelas.
Menghalang perbincangan yang tidak berkaitan.
Mengawal waktu/pembahagian masa. Jika perlu lambatkan/cepatkan tempoh Mesyuarat.
Mengawal masalah ahli Mesyuarat:
Ahli pendiam
Ahli banyak bercakap
Ahli bersikap negatif.
Kekalkan suasana harmonis dan elakkan perselisihan faham.
Beri kesimpulan dari masa kesemasa, apa yang telah dibincangkan.

Ulas kembali perkara yang telah dibincangkan.
Maklumkan keputusan yang telah diambil/ditolak, diterima, diberi perhatian/ditunda.
Maklumkan tindakan susulan yang perlu diambil
Tetapkan masa, tarikh dan tempat Mesyuarat yang akan datang sekiranya perlu.
Tamatkan m yang akan datang sekiranya perlu.
Tamatkan Mesyuarat tepat pada masanya.

Bawa ke bilik Mesyuarat, minit Mesyuarat, (laporan-laporan, nota-nota /bahan rujukan –jika perlu).
Datang awal ke tempat Mesyuarat – semak kemudahan/keperluan Mesyuarat.
Sediakan senarai para hadirin.
Bantu pengerusi – ingatkan peraturan, masa dan agenda.
Catatkan nama peserta yang bercakap dan butir-butir percakapanya.
Ambil nota-nota dengan jelas.
Sediakan minit Mesyuarat yang berkualiti – 7 hari.
Sampaikan keputusan dan arahan kepada mereka yang perlu mengambil tindakan susulan – segera.


Personaliti yang dihormati
Ada kewibawaan – berbudi bahasa, bersopan santun, pandai membuat teguran, melaksanakan peraturan Mesyuarat.
Berpengetahuan – bijaksana dan membuat keputusan yang tepat.
Berdisiplin terhadap masa dan peraturan.
Mesra – hubungan baik dengan semua ahli.
Sebelum diadakan Mesyuarat patut hantar surat panggilan mesyuarat.
Mesyuarat bergantung kepada agenda mesyuarat yg ditetapkan.
Perkara-perkara penting di dalam menulis minit mesyuarat.


Pengesahan minit Mesyuarat.
Pindaan minit Mesyuarat.
Perkara berbangkit.
Perkara yang dibincangkan.
Pernyataan tamat Mesyuarat.
Lampiran jika ada.

Alamat (Contoh: SM Kebangsaan Perai,13700 Perai, SPT, Pulau Pinang)
Tajuk :Minit Mesyuarat
Pengerusi Mesyuarat:
 Tidak Hadir dan Sebabnya
Agenda Mesyuarat.
1.0 Ucapan Pengerusi Tindakan
2.0 Mengesahkan Minit
3.0 Perkara Berbangkit
4.0 Kewangan Bendahari
5.0 Hal-hal lain

Mesyuarat ditangguhkan pada jam......

( t.t , Nama dan Jawatan)


(t.t , Nama dan Jawatan)

Seloka 5 Iltizam

Suara lunak kacak orangnya,
Bila bercakap tenganga semua,
Cukup terkenal PSI bidangnya,
Anas mat naim penglipur lara.

Pembekal makanan itu kerjanya,
Bila berfakta dialah orangnya,
Kebersihan itu sentiasa terjaga,
Ziyaadi Al- Hatim prihatin orangnya.

Hebat berdebat mengeluar kata,
Subjek diniyah serahkan saja,
Orangnya mesra senyum tertawa,
Ammar Ismail diberi nama.

Amerika sudah Korea pun sudah,
Puas melancong penat berkelah,
Bakat terpendam sudah terselah
Pendebat tersohor Muhammad Huzaifah.

Jangan digangu konsentrasi,
Jiwa penuh puitis dan puisi,
Sangat berwawasan modal insani,
Farhan Hazman pencetus visi.

Pendiam orangnya kelu berkata,
Sekali bicara berhentinya tiada,
Pakar melawak seantero AsPuRa,
Ridhwan Razali terkenal orangnya.

Budak pintar itu gelarannya,
Gemar membaca novel pilihannya,
Suka bergaul ramah dan mesra,
Muhammad Danial salam bermula.

Pakar agama itu bidangnya,
Ibadah itu tunjang imanya,
KUat menghafaz Al-Quran dibaca,
Saifullah Azhar ustaz ternama.

Muka suci senyum tak lekang,
Bicara manis semanis tualang,
Menjadi pemimpin tulang belakang,
Wan Abd Rahman yang cemerlang.

Aku macho siapa tak kenal,
Semangat membara bejiwa kental,
Imej terjaga penampilan kekal,
Ihsan Ismail marilah kenal.

Berjiwa besar bercita nurani,
Sungguh cekal lagi berani,
Pemimpin ummah insan - insani,
Zahin Tahir pemimpin generasi kini.

Gemar bermadah suka bersatera,
Sajak puisi memang bidangnya,
Gemersik cinta pada bahasa,
Irsyad Zaini penulis terkemuka.

Aku Manusia : Aku juga tahu membenci

Ruangan kali ini mungkin berbaur kebencian dan berunsur dendam namun aku tetap manusia aku tidakan akan dapat lari dari kenyataan dunia yang sentiasa menuntuk kepada kesempurnaan dan menanti hanya mereka yang berkualiti memimpin barisan depan pertahanan. 

Manusia dicipta bukan untuk disia- siakan aku percaya segala sesuatu yang berlaku ada hikmahnya, namun tidak perlu untuk menyinggung perasaan yang lain. Aku punya maruah, aku punya jiwa, aku punya perasaan AKU JUGA MANUSIA !!! 

Well i don not care what you guys wanna says but i believe what i believe, I am Great and I was boran to be one. ! Terpulang pada diri masing - masing la kan da berak pandai la nak basuh. Hurm malas laaa nak berbalaha sebenarnya alaa kitakan da matang so what it is for ?? 

Pape pon nasihat untuk orang itu dan diri ini sendiri, NAK HIDUPKAN PEPANDAI LAAAA ... Life is all about how you deal with it, the nicer you live your life the happier your life would be ! So all i am saying is I AM GREAT TO BE BORN THIS WAY !!

I AM WITH ALLAH ! Kuasa Jealousy memang sangat pandai membadai jiwa namun apa yang penting aku punya ALLAH...apa guna bermimpi berada diawang - awangan jika diri ini bukanlah sesiapa. Moraliti hendak seribu daya tak hendak seribu dalih. Untuk sesiapa yang terasa Alhamdulillah. 

Teringat Abdullah Mursyid bila nak cakap ayat niyh : Apa guna mencari redha insani jika redha ILAHI tidak terduga. Aku tetap aku tidak perlu untuk berubah menjadi kamu. Kamu tetap kamu berubahlah demi fitrah. Kerana ALLAH maha pemurah !

Am I Colour Blind ?

Salam. OMG memang shock gila td bile time nak amik KPP test i enter that very room within only 3 minutes i guess apebende seyh aku rasa macam aku lah orang yang paling sekejep masuk bilik tuh BENGANG gila ! Terkantoi kat ujian buta warna tau ! dapat 7 per 8 jhek...kecewa tahap gaban.! Kena maki hamun la komputer tuh apelagi.

The truth is betul akuu tak tipu ! Aku barulah nak taip IC aku then kluar soalan buta warna tu then then aku jawab punya jawab last- last die keluar la button "Ya" and button "Tidak, samak kembali" aku tekan la da second choice semak punya semak korang tau most shocking things happen to me !!!! Tetiba jep komputer tuh entah angin kus - kus apa die paparkan macam gini "Anda GAGAL" =,= i was like WTH ? keluar dengan muka hiba....akak yg jaga kaunter tuh pon kind a terkezuuuttt eyh "Awalnya keluar dik" whateva la KAK pegi service akak nye komputer tuh da tua sgt +,+ da lah semakin cerita semakin emosi aku !

So da conclusion things happen for some reason so i have to redha jheee you guys got not right to judges me so better BEWARE ! i'm colour blind !!! >.< ROFL am i??? still waiting for the JPJ doctor test for me on the upcoming days... hoping for da best result ! T_T ok chaw ~ 

Mood : Sedih bersulam redha

Saya orang Berkejaya !

Haa ! ingat tak penat susun- susun buku ?! sebelum ni berkecimpung dalam dunia perpustakaan da cukup lah menghadap buku *adeke ?* LOL sekarang niyh nak susuh buku kat Koperasi pulak memang best la kan !hee..but I Love My Job ! Koperasi mana ? koperasi sekolah tersohorlah Sek Men Islam Hidayah laa bro ~ 

The things is, kalau nak ikutkan memang lah orang nak perlekeh je keje ckp keje kat koperasi and whateva tp apa yang penting *ade aku kesah ?* hee nope laa yg pentingnya kita sedar apa kepentingan dan matlamat kita bekerja as long as kita berminat dengan kerja tu no matter how penat sekali pon akan menjadi seronok and determined untuk buat kerja memang tak tipu ! *x caye ? ce try*

Hurmm, just nak sharing pasal dunia PEKERJAAN haa ! jangan ingat senang nak dapat duit tak ada istiliah duit jatuh sekepuk HARAPAN lah kan ! so dalam dunia sekarang yang semunya perlukan duit niyh jadilah pengurus kewangan diri sendiri dengan baik ! Tak tipu Okay ! *Pesanan akhir - jangan curi tulang* hee

Hee..n penambah rasa seronok bekerja thanx to Zahier n kak Azizah penyeri sepi ! hahah gossip time jgn lupa >< 

Hurm kita percayakan ALLAH bertawakal padanya ALLAH akan bantu kita permudah urusan dunia dan akhirat. IsyaAllah. Ingat kawan- kawan man jadda wa jada siapa berusaha dia akan dapat ! 


Freshment Sharing

I am hereby to share with you guys on
how cute my nephews are ! 
You guys got jealous ? 
No you don't ! Ask your mum or whoeva to give birth ! ROFL
You WISH ! 

This is Bazil Amin he's practically playing hide n seek ? 

This is Aqil Hadif enjoying himself ^_^ 

and him again with the sweetest smile on earth ! GOD ! 

LOOK ! How cute they are ! i couldn't resist it ! 

Bazil entertaining himself by watching Upin Upin via Ipad 
Don't get near him or else ! 

Pretending to be one of those monkey ?!! Never mind its still looks CUTE


You guys might have said that i am being overwhelmed or whatever
all i know is I LOVE THESE GUYS SO HELL MUCH !!! 
Last but not least 
hee just kiddin!  

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